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02-21 (66) ''Winter time"


Dear friends,

The last month of winter has come and the city is covered with snow, just like we are – with the new large-scale projects. The year started very actively and we continue to be productive. Our client base has expanded significantly, but this is just the beginning! We are expecting a lot of interesting work this month. We continue to please you at all stages of the projects: visualization of ideas, design, print and delivery of products throughout the country. Trust the professionals of Actis-Media and you will get a worthy result. 

We wish you all productive work and great success in your business processes! 

Together we can do a lot!

Sincerely yours,


Founder and Publisher

"Actis-Media" LLC

Alessandro Challaari

Chief Editor
Tatiana Krylova


Tatiana Osokina

Print Production
Pavel Zakharov

Issued: 25.02.21

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ACTISPRO. Advert Media & Print
ACTISPRO. Advert Media & Print