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6-16 (45) ''Summer time"


Dear friends,

Hey-ya! Here came the most awaited time of the year - summer! Many of us are planning vacation and the upcoming relaxation. One of the main tasks at such moments - it's to prepare and arrange trouble-free operation without any involvement at business processes during vacation. That's when you know the price of a real partner: when you have a strong team, which you can rely on at any situations even the most complex project. Confide your tasks to professionals. Together we can do a lot!

We wish you successful preparation and reliable suppliers!

Sincerely yours,


Founder and Publisher

"Actis-Media" LLC

Alessandro Challaari

Chief Editor
Tatiana Krylova


Tatiana Osokina

Print Production
Tatiana Pavlova

Issued: 06.06.16

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